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We offer the best mortgage solutions for your situation
  • Self-employed
  • Newcomers to Canada
    • • Permanent residents
    • • Work Permit (temporary residents, non-Canadians)
  • Multi-Residential Housing (5 and more)
  • Commercial loans
  • Reverse Mortgage (55 years and over)
  • Home purchase mortgage
    • Just purchase

      There is the wide choice of financial products of the several institutions, between which you will find your best loans.

    • With renovation

      Do you want to buy and renovate? Do not forget to ask for the financing of your works at the same time as your mortgage. The eligible purchaser can borrow up to 20% of the value of the house after the renovation, even if his down payment is only 5%.

    • To house a family member

      Do you want to buy a property up to 2 units for one of your children or your parents? Do you know that you can do it with as little as 5% down!

    • Without down payment / without contribution

      You want to become an owner, but you didn’t save enough money to pay a down payment? Some banks allow you to acquire property if your down payment comes from a cash donation, or from a property equity loan, or from a credit card, or from a personal line of credit, or from a sales balance.

  • Refinancing
    • Just refinancing

      This program allows homeowners to seek the equity available on their property to pay their other needs, such as renovation works, some high interest debts or other … The recoverable amount represents the 80% of current market value of the property versus the existing mortgage.

    • Home Line of Credit

      You need money for jobs or others but your penalty is too high to refinance your property during the term! Remember to opt for a second tier line of credit at a very competitive rate as long as your current mortgage is less than 80% of the value of your current home!

  • Mortgage B / Private Loan
    • Difficult credit / bankruptcy / income tax delay or taxes

      For people who have gone bankrupt or a proposal to consumers, banks often require 2 years of release, with a revived credit and a minimum of 10% accumulated down payment.

      I work with some lenders who will grant you funding with only 6 months of release and whose credit is not yet redone!
      For difficult credit and debt consolidation, I also have adapted products!

  • Self-employed worker
    • You are a self-employed person who has had your own business for at least 1 year. Your net income does not reflect your gross income since you have charged a lot of expenses. With a down payment as small as 10% of the purchase price, you could buy a property of up to 4 units, including 1 that would be your primary residence.

  • Newcomers to Canada
    • Permanent Resident

      You have been in Canada for less than 5 years, you can become owner for as little as 5% down payment / contributions.

    • Work Permit (temporary residents, non-Canadians)

      You can own a house or condo for as little as 10% down payment / contribution.

  • Multi-Residential Housing (5 and more)
    • The financing of this type of property is based on its market value, its condition, its rental profitability and the sector in which it is located. With a minimum down payment of 15%, you could obtain CMHC-insured funding, which will of course be calculated on the building’s profitability.

  • Commercial loans
    • Commercial loans can be used to buy goods, modernize your business assets, or carry out expansion projects. Several payment options are available to help you meet your needs.

  • Reverse Mortgage (55 years and over)
    • Owners of 55 years old and over can access up to 50% of the current appraised value of their principal residence. The exact amount available varies according to the age of the owners, as well as the location of the property and the type of dwelling. Funds are tax-free and there are no restrictions on how they can be used.