Mortgage Life & Disability Insurance protects your family’s future!

Providing a home for your family is your number on priority. In addition to looking after your mortgage, we can also offer you insurance to protect your family’s future in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Mortgage life insurance coverage pays off the outstanding balance of your mortgage (up to a pre-set maximum) in the event of your death. Mortgage disability insurance coverage helps to cover your monthly mortgage payment in the event your are disabled and not able to earn an income.

Here’s How Mortgage Insurance Works:
  • Simply answer a couple of questions at the time you apply for your mortgage
  • Your application will be submitted to our insurance provider for consideration
  • Mortgage insurance premiums and rates are based on your age when you apply and never change as long as you have the mortgage
  • Mortgage Life Insurance is transferable to a new property
  • Mortgage Life Insurance is transferable if you change lenders

If you’d like to add this vital protection to your mortgage, talk to me today!

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